Javascript data object

Data is stored and built around the

Simbla.object  that contains key-value pairs of JSON-compatible data. This data is schemaless, so just set any key-value pairs you want and we will store it.
Keys have to be strings. Values can be strings, numbers, Booleans or arrays.

In our example, we will track the stock of cars in a showroom using our "Cars" table as given in the javascript page

Before you get started, create a table with a few columns and manually add a raw to test that the table is working as you want it to.

Make sure all of your permissions of the table are set to public before you start.

A Simbla.object  could contain:

car_model: “Ferarri” , available: true , stock: 2
Before you start building your web application, you will need to create a subclass and use the Simbla.Object.extended   method.
 Any Simbla.query  will react with any Simbla.object  with the same classname :

    // Syntax to create a new subclass of Simbla.object.

var Cars = Simbla.Object.extend("Cars");

    // Create a new instance of the class

var car = new Cars();    

You can also use the new Simbla.Object(className)   to create a new single Simbla object within the class.

var car = new Simbla.Object("Cars");

var query = new Simbla.Query(car);