Adding a CRM to your project

Adding a CRM to a website can unlock numerous benefits, such as creating landing pages for capturing leads or integrating data directly from the CRM system onto your website, or even creating a customer portal. 

If you're already using a database, the CRM can be installed on it directly. For those without a pre-existing database, the CRM system installation will automatically set up a new one for you.

Start by clicking on 'Add a new project' and input the necessary details in the wizard. If you already have a database in place, the system will prompt you to choose between utilizing the existing database or creating a new one.

Once you've selected it, you can continue with the CRM wizard.

If you have a website that currently lacks a database, you can still integrate the CRM system. Add a CRM, then from the website, click on the 'Database' symbol, and select 'connect to database'.

From here, choose the newly created CRM database. This step integrates the CRM system with your website, ensuring a seamless and unified operation.

From here, you add landing pages or add forms to your website and capture leads to your CRM.