Manage pages

You can create a new webpage by clicking on Website --> Pages.

When creating a new page, it is important to distinguish between the two types of pages – the master page and the standard page.

(For a reminder about the two types, click here.)

 Upon entering the "Pages" screen, click the "Create Page" / "Create master" icon marked below:

1. Creating a Master Page

The Master Page area allows you to design repetitive content which will be displayed on several or all of your website pages. Hence, a Master page doesn't have a real URL, and it exists only to feed normal URL pages.
Usually, the master page is used to design your website's header and footer, but it is up to you to decide which content you wish to add. 
Editing a master page will affect all pages linking to it (see instructions below).


2. Create a Page (Page Settings Screen):

a. First, you must set a name for the page you are creating. Please note that this will be the URL of your web page. If the name consists of several words, separate them with an underscore "_" or  "-".

b. If you wish to do so, please set your page with some SEO settings. NOTE! This is an advanced feature.

c. Check the "use master page" if you wish to create a page which is based on an existing master page design. In other words, choosing this option would create a page which consists of pre-defined designs found in the desired master page. When checking the box, you will also have to decide which master page you want to use (in the bottom right box). If this box remains unchecked, you will just create a blank page.


About Simbla

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