Importing / Exporting Data


Simbla allows you to import your own data to your online database table.

Before you start importing your data, please make sure that:

1. The file format you are uploading is CSV (Comma-Separated Values).

2. Every field name in your CSV file matches a field name in the designated table.

3. The file has a maximum of 5,000 rows.

4. If you have a date field, it’s written in the following format : MM/DD/YYYY

You do not need to add the three fixed fields that Simbla adds to your table—they are self-generated (Id, updatedat, createdat). However, you do need to make sure that all the fields match exactly in your file and your Simbla table as shown in the next example( Name, Number, Date):

To start, go to your table and press the Import button.

In the new window that opened, select or drag your file to the designated area. After doing so, you will see a short preview of your data. Make sure it all appears correctly!

That’s it! Now you can use your imported data with all of our widgets and apps!


Simply hit the export button and save the CSV file on your device. The file will consist of the complete table, including the three extra fields (Id, updatedat, createdat).

About Simbla

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