Online Database

Learn how to create an online database with Simbla

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5. Javascript

Simbla’s online database builder can be accessed by using JavaScript that is added to the UI/website builder. To learn how to add your code to Simbla’s builder, please read the next two guides:

1. How to add JavaScript to your website

2. How to add a HTML element

Throughout all of our Javascript guide we will be using a table we have created in our database platform called "Cars". The table holds the following columns:

- car_model

- car_code

- car_color

- car_year

- car_img

- available 

- stock

We are constantly adding new features to the system and to our guide. We will slowly add guidance on the different Javascript options, but in the meantime you can check out our example and try creating elements on your own. Stay tuned to our guides as they grow.