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What is Simbla online database?

Simbla is a robust and innovative cloud-based no-code platform that will enable you to easily create and manage your online database, build your customized web applications, or create your database-driven website.

Simbla’s platform brings together the online database and web development world to a well-designed, drag-and-drop, responsive and professional UI environment.

When it comes to building a professional web application or website, you need the best tools by your side to help you with such a complicated mission. Simbla uses top cutting-edge technologies to help you achieve the best results. Thanks to the No-Code environment, you will be able to create your user Interface easily, all in a drag-and-drop environment. In addition, with Simbla’s online database, you will be able to manage all aspects of your database from controlling your content, and permissions and granting roles to different groups of users, to creating your professional web applications. Simbla has packed all of these features in a simple and easy No-Code platform with ready-made web widgets and full support of Javascript and NodeJs for developers.

Start and create an online free database in minutes.

Read how to create your first  online database.

Online Database builder

Simbla’s online database builder enables you to quickly and easily create, edit and manage your own database. The natural database website connection  makes it easy to create web applications and data driven websites. Learn how to create an online database in minutes.

No-Code database-driven-website builder

Simbla’s database-driven-website builder was created simply to make your life easier. Simbla is a fully functional drag and drop No-Code platform that produces amazingly designed responsive results. 

Drag & drop databased widgets

After creating your online database, you will be able to easily drag and drop certain ready-made widgets to your website. The widgets (forms, tables etc.) will draw information from your database and allow you to easily create your own custom website application in no time.

API based  platform

Simbla's is a cloud based API platform. Read here about our Parse based API. 

No need of downloading or installing any software on your end device. Everything you will need is available immediately on Simbla.

Permissions, users and  roles

Simbla’s online database builder is based on Parse permission model. The system includes a “role” model. A role is a group of permissions. You will be able to create numerous types of roles and apply them to different users. Roles grant you full control over your users' behavior.

Parse JavaScript library

Simbla’s online database platform is based on Parse server. Choosing Parse server allows Simbla to offer developers a huge JavaScript library, granting developers maximum flexibility and the option to create website applications via JavaScript.

Create professional web applications for your business

Simbla offers a whole solution for your business, allowing you to easily create your own custom web applications and database driven website. Simbla’s system allows you to simply connect your database to your UI and create a responsive website that will host your web apps and talk with your database. 

Suitable for database driven websites

With Simbla’s platform, you will be able to manage your database-driven website all in one place. Simbla's simple UI builder allows you to create and edit your page with full flexibility, all in an easy to use drag and drop environment. With Simbla's database website builder unified platform, setting up complex websites and apps has never been easier.

Fully secured

Simbla provides a set of built in security features: enhanced permissions model, pages for users only, SSL, HTML encoding for data, secured servers and much more.

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