Roles & Permissions

Simbla’s flexible role model allows you to grant different users or groups of users access to different parts of your website, apps and database.

Roles allows you to create groups of users that will have different permissions applied on different tables.

The Permissions are:

Find – searching for an object.

Get - retrieve a record/object.

Create – creating a new record/object.

Update- update an existing record/object.

Delete – delete an existing record/object.

In the main menu  there is an administration module where you can perform administrative actions (sometimes it will be under More…).

Click on Tables - This will open your database admin panel > Click on Roles.

While setting up a role, you will be able to choose its permissions on an existing table and add all the users that you wish to include in the new role. 

The roles settings include three tabs:

 1. Role details - name and description.

 2. Users- choose users to be members of the role.

 3. Permissions - setup the permissions.

Please note that new users and roles are created by default without any permissions

After setting up your roles, you will be able to set user permissions by roles and by users for each table you have and will create: