Modifying tabs

Cards within the system, such as customer or contact cards, are often equipped with various information tabs. This guide will show you how to create and modify these tabs.

Start by navigating to the module you want to modify from the main menu. 

Select Customize and then choose Edit in Editor.

Scroll down to locate the section dedicated to tabs.

To create a new tab, click the plus (+) symbol.

Once your new tab is created, you can click it to rename it to a title that suits your needs.

You can now populate the tab with different elements by dragging and dropping them into the tab's container. These elements could be form fields or sub-tables.

Note that the form fields will operate as usual as long as they are inside the tab, which is, in turn inside the form.

Sub-tables are specialized tables connected to the primary table in the form. For instance, a contacts table might link to the main accounts table. Suppose a "data table" element is dragged into a tab's container and a contacts table is selected. In that case, the system understands that it should display only the contacts associated with that account. Therefore, any new contact created will be automatically linked to that account, and only contacts related to that account will be shown.

Finally, you can rearrange the order of the tabs to your preference by simply dragging and dropping them.