Data is stored in objects that contain key-value pairs of JSON-compatible data. 

This data is schemeless, so just set any key-value pairs you want and we will store it.
Keys have to be strings. Values can be strings, numbers, Booleans or arrays.

In our example we will use a Car object:

{car_model: “Ferarri” , car_year: “2023”}

About Simbla

We believe that end users know exactly what they need to perform more efficiently and effectively. Simbla allows them to produce game-changing cloud CRM without writing a single line of code.

Simbla is an AI-generated cloud CRM and a no-code development platform that helps non-coders build quick, flexible, efficient solutions quickly and easily.

Our team has years of experience developing sophisticated cloud-based systems. Drawing on that experience, we built a platform that allowed non-coders to create a tailored CRM that exactly fits the business needs without long deployment and without the help of professionals.

It is a no-code platform with an AI layer, capable of reducing the cost of deploying and maintaining a tailored cloud CRM by as much as 90%.