Create Landing Pages

Setting up landing pages in Simbla is a straightforward process. These pages contain a form for prospective customers to provide their details. 

You will be able to see the details from the Leads module in the CRM.

To start creating a new landing page, you can choose a template or start from a blank slate for a more personalized design. Here's how:

1. Initiate Landing Page Creation: Ensure there's a 'websites' option in the menu. If not, navigate back to the wizard by clicking on the management icon and selecting 'Back to Wizard'. Add the 'website' option by clicking 'Add' and entering 'website'.

2. Add the Landing Page: Once 'website' is added to the menu, proceed by clicking on 'Websites' > 'Add a landing page'. Now, select a template that aligns with your vision and give your new landing page a unique name.

3. Edit with Simbla's No-Code Editor: Use the intuitive No-Code Editor to personalize your landing page. Upon completion, click on 'Publish'.

4. Test Your Landing Page: To ensure everything is working as expected, test the landing page by inputting data into the form and verifying its appearance in the leads module.

5. Assign a Domain: Finally, if you want, assign your landing page a  domain name or subdomain from the 'Project Menu' > 'Project Setting' > 'Domain tab'.

Remember, Simbla's intuitive interface makes these steps a breeze, so you can quickly create and customize efficient landing pages for your prospective customers.