Mail Integration using IMAP

Simbla CRM integrates seamlessly with all popular Email providers using IMAP, allowing you to send and receive emails directly within the CRM system. Here are some ways you can interact with emails within the CRM:

1. Use the Channels module where you can set up mailboxes as channels. In essence, this feature enables you to manage your mailbox as you would in Outlook or Gmail.
2. Send emails directly from different modules in the system. For instance, you can send an email to a customer right from the account module.
3. Create workflows that include email as a step.

To set up a mailbox, go to the Channels module and enter your IMAP settings.

Here are the email configuration options:

    User  Your Email/IMAP User 
    Email/IMAP password
    SMTP - Sender Name
    Your Name
    SMTP – Sender Email
    Your Email address
    SMTP – Server
    SMTP Server url
    SMTP - Port
    SMTP Port
    SMTP - SSL
    Use SSL 
    IMAP – Server
     IMAP Server url
    IMAP - Port
    IMAP Port
    IMAP - SSL
    Use SSL 

For  Gmail's IMAP settings, please refer to this guide.
For  Office365/Microsoft IMAP settings, please refer to this guide.