Wesite & Web-project settings

From your website management page, click on the settings icon as it appears below:


Before you begin editing your website, you'll need to insert the relevant settings as explained below:

  • Website Name - Choose a name for your website. Note that the name is only for internal use.
  • Plan – Click on 'select plan'. Choose the plan that fits your needs the most. Simbla offers an easy domain connection tool, storage & bandwidth capacity as well as traffic limitations.
  • Temporary Address – Your temporary website address: https://sites.simbla.com/Temporary.
  • IP - From here you can view your website's IP address on Simbla servers. This address will enable you to set up a domain for your website.
  • Assign Domain Name - Connecting a domain is a premium feature. Therefore, if you wish to do so, you'll need to upgrade your website. For more information on how to connect your domain, please click here
  • Domain Name - Insert the relevant domain address. 
  • Disable website temporary address - If you have already connected a domain to your website, please check this box for Simbla to disable your temporary address.