Search form

The search form tool allows you to easily create and set a search form that will search your database table and filter the table accordingly.

1. Name your form

Give your search form a name. It will be used later on to connect your table to the form

2. Set criteria:

First choose the table you would like to submit the search on.

Build your criteria that will appear in the form. for our example we will set:

1. Car color equal to input
2. Model year greater then input
3. Car stock greater than or equal to:

3. Connect table to form

Go to your table settings filter tab, choose the "use search form" method and pick your new form.

4. Final result

As you can see in the final result, you can search through the database and the appearance of the table will change accordingly.

 For our example we will search for all of the white cars, model year above 2014 and available in stock(1 or more) :



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