Zapir Integration (Google Sheets Example)

Zapier is a web-based service that allows users to automate tasks between various online applications by creating conditional statements known as "zaps." These zaps can integrate and automate workflows between over 5,000 different services, such as Gmail, Slack, Dropbox, and more, without needing coding skills.

In this tutorial, we'll explore how to create an integration using Zapier effortlessly and hence with thousands of other applications. We'll use Google Sheets as our example. Remember that the process can be applied to any other Zapier-supported system. We'll be demonstrating two types of operations:
1. Modifying/creating a record in Google Sheets, leading to a creation/update in the CRM system.
2. Modifying/creating an item in the CRM system, which in turn updates the Google Sheet.

Setting up a Google Sheet
We've created a Google Sheet containing the following fields: Name, Email, and phone number.

Access Zapier    
Sign up and then log in to Zapier via this link:

Creating your first Zap
The Zap will be Executed on a Google Sheet entry update/creation, consequently updating the CRM system. 
In your Zapier dashboard, select 'Create Zap' from the menu on the left side.

At this point, a setup wizard will be launched, allowing you to configure your ZAP.
1. In the top left corner, assign a name to your ZAP.
2. Next, you'll need to select the application responsible for updating the CRM system. In this case, we're choosing Google Sheets.

3. Choose the type of event - the trigger that will initiate the action. Select the option “New or Updated spreadsheet row”.

4. Give access to Zapier to our Google sheet account.
5. Choose the relevant spreadsheet and worksheet and click on continue.

6.. Click on Test trigger: this would test the first stage of the trigger. You will be able to see some test data from your spreadsheet.

7. Click continue.
8. Now, we need to configure the connection to Simbla. Choose Simbla as the App that will be updated.
On the Event Field, choose “Find and update object”.

9. Choose an account. Now you will need to grant access to your Simbla account. Choose > Connect new account. You will need two parameters: ApplicationId and API key.
You will find both of them in the Simbla database > settings. Copy your ApplicationId and create a new API key and copy it to Zapier. Click on Continue.

10. In the action section, we need to fill in the following parameters:
  • Table - The table we want to transfer data to. In this example, we will choose Accounts.
  • Simbla Search In Field - will be the mutual key between the spreadsheet and Simbla. For example, email – when we update a record within the spreadsheet if the process finds a Simbla record with the same Email, it will update the Simbla Record. If not, it will create a new Simbla record. Enter the string “Email” in this field.
  • Field With Value To Search – the spreadsheet column used for the mutual key. Select the Google sheet column - Email. 

11. Now find the Simbla fields you want to update (in our example, Email, Name, Phone number) and select the matching Google sheet Column.

12. If you want to create a new Simbla record when the account does not exist (the email was not found), mark the following checkbox:

13. Click “Continue” and “Test action”.  If everything works well, click on publish to publish the Zap. 

Your first Zap is ready. You can now test it.

Remember that it could take a few minutes from the trigger (a Google spreadsheet row update or a new row) until you can see it in the CRM.