Customizing Fields in the CRM

Each form in the system (Accounts card, Contacts, Opportunities, Activities, Tasks, Cases) comes with default fields. Every customer can make changes to the system cards easily - in this article, we will learn how to make adjustments to the system cards in the CRM.

In the main menu, click on the module you want to make adjustments to. Click on Customize > Edit in Editor

In the window that opens, search for the Database Form widget. To edit the card, click on the section titled: "Form" and click "Table settings". 

A pop-up window will open. Click on the data options tab.

In the first step, all the possible fields from the database are displayed in the left column, which can be reflected in the selected card. Select any field you need and add it to the Form.

Select any field from the left side of the table to the right side. Then click on Apply in the lower right part.

The field has been added to the form (it is at the bottom of the screen). To reposition the field, click on it and use the drag cursor to place it where you want it.

To change the field title, click on the field itself and then on "Edit," and in the selected interface, change the content found under the "Label" field. Pay attention! Do not change the Name field - if you change it, the system will not know where to store the information.


After you've modified the form, click "Publish" and test your changes by entering data into the new fields.

Adding new Fields

If you want to add new fields you must add them to the Database first.

From the main menu > More > administration >  Tables.

Here is a list of the main tables:

Module      Table Name   
Accounts / Customers / Clients  Accounts
Contacts Contacts
Sales / Opportunities Sales
Cases Cases
Tasks Tasks
Activities Activities

Click on the edit Icon of the table you need to add fields to.

In the pop-up that opens, Click on the Fields Tab. In the left field, choose a name for the field - note that this is the name chosen in the database, so it must be in English only and then, in the right field, choose the field type, which is the type of information the field contains.

Here is a list of common field types:

- String - for text/string values

- Number - for numeric values

- Boolean - true or false values

- Date - date values

 - Private File - for storing files that are not public

- Public File - for storing public files. A CDN is used when viewing these files.

- HTML/XML - for storing HTML data.

- Pointer - points to another table. Read here for more details.

- Auto Increment Number - a number increased by one with each new record.

 Click "Add" and "Apply".

Now you can go back and add the new fields to the Form.