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Simbla No-code platform lets anyone easily build effective, efficient, powerful applications that meet critical business needs. A rich visual interface and drag-and-drop functionality let your team build exactly the tools it needs, quickly and easily.

Use Simbla’s cloud-based databases or your own. Or take a hybrid approach by building your application in our no-code cloud and connecting it with your on-premise database. We’re ready to support the configuration that works best for you.

Simbla No-code platform can reduce the cost of developing and maintaining your SaaS solution by 60-80%. Your team will build solutions more quickly, and Simbla works behind the scenes to optimize code for efficient, effective SaaS deployments.

Simbla no-code platform meshes perfectly with Rapid Development strategies. Our builder supports an adaptive process approach to software development, letting your team focus on creating the solutions that best fit your needs and strategic goals.

Simbla helps you unleash the speed, flexibility, and scalability that have made MongoDB the industry’s favorite NoSQL database solution. Easily connect to any MongoDB instance and build smart, responsive applications that power your business.

We are working to bring no-code programming directly to our users with an open-source platform that can be installed right on your own servers.

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Our Features


Easy Drag-and-Drop Interface

We take coding out of application design. Simbla’s intuitive, no-code, drag-and-drop user interface lets your team focus on building the functionality you need. Your applications will deliver the same tailored functionality and lightning-quick performance on any device, through any browser. 

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Simbla lets you keep your entire application in the cloud, or store data in your own MongoDB. Either way, our widget-based development studio lets you drag and drop elements of your application to get new solutions up and running fast. You’ll have access to forms, charts, and reports driven by user-friendly queries and data tables. Everything you need to build powerful, efficient, feature-rich applications is right at your fingertips. Whether your application supports your in-house personnel or your customers, you’ll be able to build the right solution, on your terms.


Visual Workflows

Simbla no-code workflow builder lets you create powerful, responsive workflows in just minutes. Create effective automated email campaigns, update and query data for key insights, and integrate your workflows with a wide range of third-party apps, all without writing a single line of code.

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Role-Based Permissions

Our role-based API lets you access your data on your terms. Secure your data with role-based permissions and bring it all together with our RESTful API. You’ll be in complete control of your data, without the need for time-intensive coding.

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No-Code When You Need It

Simbla contains a rich library of ready-made widgets that can be arranged to build powerful, effective solutions. But some applications need a custom touch. That’s why we support client-side code including HTML and JavaScript, along with NodeJS as a server-side coding option (low-code or no-code). When your needs and your personnel demand it, you can write custom functions, create nuanced database queries, and exchange information with a external systems, all within the framework of Simbla’s stable, proven development environment.


 Build and Manage SaaS Products

Providing multi-tenant solutions for cloud-based software (SaaS) constitutes a complex challenge. Simbla simplifies this challenge and provides assistance covering all the aspects involved. With Simbla, it is possible to reduce the amount of time and resources required for the developing process by 60-80%. You can use your infrastructure or our use cloud our eliminating the necessity of having large teams to manage the cloud infrastructure. We’re responsible for managing the servers, the resources and availability of the system so you could concentrate on developing and selling your product. Our secured architecture supports a multitude of clients and databases, offering help with the management of the versions and upgrades required. 

Over 250,000 users worldwide


 Simbla Cloud

Build your entire application on our secure cloud and enjoy extraordinary performance without the overhead involved with maintaining your own servers. 


Get the most out of your own infrastructure and database. Simbla’s no-code development environment lets your employees build solutions that propel your organization forward while using your own infrastructure.


Your data resides on your servers, while Simbla provides the application layer. You’ll get the most out of your data while keeping it close at hand.

 SaaS Vendors

Simbla’s multi-tenant cloud platform is the perfect solution for SaaS vendors. We support the entire project life cycle with expert management and the latest security measures.