Case Management

The Case Management module is designed to streamline and automate the management and life cycle of all support cases in your business.
To access the case module, navigate to 'Cases' on the main menu in the CRM. On the case page, you have the ability to filter through the list using queries.

 For a guide on adding and editing these queries, click here.

Please note that the 'Status' and 'Priority' fields are color-coded based on the values within the field. You have the ability to customize these colors by modifying the query.
You can also view cases in the account card, there is a 'Cases' tab where you can view the customer's case history.

To initiate a new case, simply click on 'New Case.' This will launch the case creation screen, where you can input the necessary details and save them.
You can document any note in the Comments field.

For guidance on editing or adding fields in the case card, click here.

There are several ways to create cases, including:
Manual case creation
Utilizing the customer portal for case creation. (For guidance on opening a customer portal, click here)
Implementing an API or integrating with another system to generate a case. (To learn how to use the API, click here)
Email-based case creation
Building a case through a web form. (To learn about form creation, click here).

You can manage documents and tasks under the case.