In Simbla's Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounts represent companies or individuals with whom your business interacts or transacts. They serve as a central hub for all information and activities, including details like company size, industry, location for companies, or contact information for individuals.

Working with the Accounts Module

Navigate to Accounts from the primary menu to interact with accounts within the system.

Here, you can search for, add, and update accounts as needed.

Learn how to import accounts using a CSV file.


To locate specific accounts, leverage the search queries at the top of the account page.

Learn how to modify and add queries.

Learn how to modify the account card - add or edit fields.

To create a new account, click 'Add a new account'.

If an account needs to be updated, look for the pencil icon within the account's row in the results table and click on it.

To remove an account, the trash can icon provides a quick deletion method.

Once in the account editing interface, it's easy to alter the account's details. Remember to hit 'Save' to save any changes made.


 The 'Tabs' feature offers a convenient space to supplement your lead record with additional data, such as relevant documents and tasks.