Creating a Customer Portal

What is a customer portal?
A Customer Portal is an online interface that provides customers with self-service access to information relevant to them. This can include account information, service requests, documents, and more.

Simbla's customer portal
As a component of Simbla's solution, we provide the ability to create a portal that's linked to your CRM system, and configured with suitable permissions. This portal essentially functions as a conventional website, yet it features a secure section at the entry point which requires a customer-specific username and password credentials. This ensures that each customer has access to only the data that is pertinent to them.
Our portal is built on a no-code platform, meaning it's effortlessly customizable to align with your specific requirements. You have full flexibility to create, edit or delete pages. You can also assign a domain name to the portal. 

Setting up a customer Portal in Simbla.
Ensure there's a 'websites' option in the menu. If not, navigate back to the wizard by clicking the management icon and selecting 'Back to Wizard'. Add the 'website' option by clicking 'Add' and entering 'website'.

Add new Customer Portal
Once 'website' is added to the menu, proceed by clicking on 'Websites' > 'Add a Customer Portal site. Now, select a template that aligns with your vision and give your new customer portal a unique name.

In the second stage, you can choose the modules you want to create in the portal. 

Use the intuitive No-Code Editor to personalize your portal. 
After the portal is created, you can add more pages from the Project Menu > Pages and menus > Duplicate one of the portal pages and edit it. Upon completion, click on 'Publish'.
Read how to create and manage portal users.