Portal Users and Permissions

Create a Customer Portal
The first step in setting up portal users is to ensure you have a functional customer portal. You can learn here about the setup process for a customer portal.

Understanding the Permissions Structure
Portal users are subordinate to the customer within the system and have access to data only associated with that customer. They can view and update this data based on the permissions they have. To ensure the user setup is accurate, adhere to the steps provided below:
Create a User: Initially, you need to create a portal user. A detailed guide on managing and setting up users can be found here.
Role Assignment for the User: The role 'Portal User' should be associated with the user. This is a system role that grants the user access to the portal and allows them to view data strictly related to their associated client. It's crucial to ensure that a portal user is linked exclusively to the 'Portal User' role.

Linking the User to the Client: Within the Account card, navigate to the 'Portal Users' tab and associate the user with the customer.

Modifying the Permissions Structure
Should you need to alter the permissions structure, proceed with caution. After making any changes, ensure to verify that the permissions have been appropriately transitioned. For guidance on setting permissions, click here.