Rest Create object

In our example, we will track cars in a showroom using our "Cars" table as given in previous examples. 

Before you get started, create a table with a few columns and manually add a raw to test that the table is working as you want it to.

Make sure all of your permissions of the table are set to public before you start.

Make sure you received a Session-Token or an API-K  as described in our API login guide.

To create a new object (row) in the database,  send a POST request to the class URL containing the contents of the object. 

For cars table our URL is

In the Header we will add 3 parameters:

1. X-Parse-Application-Id: your application Id

2. X-Parse-Session-Token: your session token (You can usean API-K  X-PARSE-API-KEY instead)

3. Content-Type: application/json 

In the body we will add our jSON object . We will use the x-www-form-urlencoded option as shown here:

Once the object has been created, we will receive a "201 created" status with the id of the new object:

Now you can go to your Database, refresh the table and see the new record.