Connecting a Domain to Your Website

The pattern of a Simbla site URL is


How to connect a domain purchased from a third party:

Step 1: 

1. Log in to your domain hosting company account. 

2. Go to the domain management area and select the relevant domain.

3. Under records management, select the main domain (usually marked '@')

4. Under A records, please change the IP address to the following:

Don't forget to save your work!

 Step 2:

1. Log in to your Simbla account.

2. From the toolbar, click on 'Website.'

3. Click on  'Website Settings.'

4. Mark the "Assign Domain Name" box.

5. Insert the desired domain address. 

6. Click 'Save'


 ** Please note – it may take up to 24 hours for the records to be updated across the network.