The Dashboard

A dashboard in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a centric user interface that provides a visual representation of essential business metrics and data points. It encompasses sales, customer service, team performance metrics, and more. By aggregating key data from multiple sources into a single view, the dashboard enables informed decision-making and strategic planning in various aspects of customer relationship management. The CRM administrator can easily configure its configuration and the data it displays.  

Adjusting the Dashboard is an uncomplicated process that involves merely dragging and dropping elements. However, before making any changes to the Dashboard, it's vital to grasp its structure and individual components. The Dashboard comprises various widget types. Initially, we have Containers and Dividers, which govern the screen's grid and layout. The next set consists of data-displaying widgets: Charts, Tables, and Counters. Furthermore, we also have widgets for texts, titles, and icons. 
To start the editing process, you need to engage the edit mode. This can be achieved by navigating to the Dashboard, clicking on the 'customize' button at the lower left corner, and then selecting 'Edit in editor' from the dropdown menu.

Editing Existing Widgets:
If you wish to modify existing widgets, you need to hover your mouse over the widget and click on it > select 'Edit' and then make changes to the widget.

*Please note: The functionality to customize the map displaying user login locations is currently unavailable.

Adding Widgets by Duplication:
 The simplest way to add content to the dashboard is by duplicating an existing Container with the structure you want. To do this, hover over the desired Container, click on it, and then select 'Duplicate'. After duplicating, you can then edit each individual widget within the new Container. Finally, you can move the Container to the location you prefer by clicking and dragging it.

Adding New Sections to the Dashboard: 
You can incorporate new sections into your dashboard by dragging them from the top part of the interface.

Deleting Widgets:
You can delete widgets by hovering over the widget, clicking on it, and then deleting it.

When you have finished making changes, press 'Publish' to save your updates and make them live.