Navigating Simbla is easy and intuitive.

In the following screenshot, there are several controls you can use:



1. Changing password or signing up.

2. Upgrading the plan from a free plan to a paid plan.

3. Navigation menu - navigation between the different modules.

4. Editing or deleting a record.

5. Opening the customization menu.


Customization menu:


In the customization menu you will find the following options:

1. Edit in the editor - editing the system using a No code editor.

2. Change Theme - changing the color scheme of the system.

3. Back to the wizard - return to the wizard to continue making adjustments.


In the side menu (sometimes it will be under More…) there is an administration module where you can perform administrative actions.


1. Users - adding and editing users.

2. Roles - editing user groups and the permissions granted to them.

3. Tables - editing tables, changing and adding fields, importing data.

4. Workflows - editing and defining workflows.

5. Security settings - editing security settings.

6. General setting - editing the general setting.