In the world of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), 'Leads' and 'Accounts' are distinct entities with different roles in the sales process. 'Leads' are typically potential customers who have expressed interest in your product or service but have not yet entered into a formal business relationship with your company. They might be individuals who filled out a form on your website or interacted with your company at a trade show. In contrast, 'Accounts' in a CRM system represent established relationships. These are often customers with whom you've done business before or are currently in an active sales cycle.

Working with the Leads Module

Navigate to 'Leads' from the primary menu to interact with leads within the system.

Here, you can search for, add, and update leads as needed.

It's important to note that many businesses source their leads externally, such as from landing pages or other systems.

Learn how to use the API to capture leads from external sources

Learn how to create landing pages 

Learn more about integrating a form on a Simbla website to streamline lead acquisition.

Learn how to modify the Lead card - add or edit fields.

To locate specific leads, leverage the search queries at the top of the leads interface. 

Learn how to modify and add queries.

To create a new lead, click on 'Add a new lead'.

If a lead needs to be updated, look for the pencil icon within the lead's row in the results table and click on it.

To remove a lead, the trash can icon provides a quick deletion method.

Once in the lead editing interface, it's easy to alter the lead's details. Remember to hit 'Save' to preserve any changes made.


One of the key fields on the leads interface is the lead status. This field allows you to categorize your leads, such as designating them as 'New' for recently created leads or 'Qualified' for leads deemed fit for further engagement.

Tailor the status field's value list to match your unique business processes for maximum efficiency.



 The 'Tabs' feature offers a convenient space to supplement your lead record with additional data, such as relevant documents and tasks.


Transitioning a Lead into account

The process of transitioning a lead into account is triggered when the lead evolves into a customer - this could be on an invoice issuance or a contract signing. At this juncture, select 'Convert lead to account' to transform the lead record into an active account.