The editor

Using the features of the toolbar will assist you in editing and managing your website.


Pages menu- The pages dropdown menu allows you to scroll between the pages of your website. 

Undo – Undo your last action.  

Redo – Perform the last action that was cancelled by clicking "Undo". 

Edit/Pro- These are 2 different modes of the the website builder. The default one is edit, while you have the option to turn on "Pro" mode to get additional advanced editing tools.

If you are new to the world of website building, we recommend you to begin by using the 'Edit' mode (default) of the Simbla editor. It is an easy mode which allows you to build your website based on ready made blocks. By using our beautifully designed blocks you will be able to add text, media, galleries etc. 

The 'Pro' mode is the full version of the Simbla editor. We created many advanced features for you to use and enjoy. For example, you can play with your website's layout by adjusting the grid and adjusting your elements. You can also create a single page website, add customized forms etc.  

Preview: Simbla allows you to build responsive websites with a display that is adjusted to any device it is viewed on. This advanced interface allows you to see how the web page will be displayed on various devices, while you're building it.

After clicking on "Preview", click on the  screen display icons under the top-right toolbar to switch between different device displays.

You can also use "View Live" to get your website open in a new tab as seen normally, without the website builder display.

Save – Save any actions and operations you made on your website. The 'Save' action is active per page. 

Publish – Publish the changes made to your website online (visitors who access your website will see your site with the most recent published changes). The 'Publish' action is active per page. 

If you edited more than one page, you'll need to publish each edit separately. 


About Simbla

We believe that end users know exactly what they need to perform more efficiently and effectively. Simbla allows them to produce game-changing cloud CRM without writing a single line of code.

Simbla is an AI-generated cloud CRM and a no-code development platform that helps non-coders build quick, flexible, efficient solutions quickly and easily.

Our team has years of experience developing sophisticated cloud-based systems. Drawing on that experience, we built a platform that allowed non-coders to create a tailored CRM that exactly fits the business needs without long deployment and without the help of professionals.

It is a no-code platform with an AI layer, capable of reducing the cost of deploying and maintaining a tailored cloud CRM by as much as 90%.