Database driven websites

Save up to 90% of development time

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No-code platform for database driven websites


With Simbla's no-code platform you can create database-based websites quick and easy! There’s no need for you to have any prior knowledge or any programming skills. Simbla's solution lets you create everything you need in ‘Drag and Drop’ while saving you up to 90% in development time and costs. The built-in database and connection with the website builder will allow you to concentrate on the functionality, content and design of your website.

Freedom to create


Creating database websites has never been easier. With Simbla, you can easily create a blog, content management system (CMS) based websites, index websites, catalog websites, e-commerce websites and customer portals. The highly flexible platform allows you to fulfil your needs.

Amazing draggable widgets


You can drag and drop widgets that connect between the database and the website seamlessly. You can also use draggable widgets like tables, forms and graphs to build your web pages. Dynamic content can be displayed from a table so the content will be updated depending on the page name. The native connection allows you to view dynamic content alongside static content and design it with ease.



Developers will find Simbla is an excellent development environment for database websites. Drag and Drop tools will save up to 90% of your development time. Developers will be able to write code from the client side (Html, JavaScript, CSS) and the server side (NodeJS). With Simbla, you will not have to invest energy in setting up servers and maintaining infrastructure. Instead, you can concentrate on fast and quality development.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


One of the main concerns with a database website can be SEO. But Simbla displays dynamic pages as if they were static pages and the content is inserted as a part of the HTML. The meta tags, page name and title can also be taken from the database. With Simbla, your website will be optimized for search engines.



Another great benefit of using Simbla is information security. Using Simbla's platform together with the right permission policy (what information is disclosed to the public, and what information is disclosed to users) will lead to a secure database driven website. You can enjoy all the security features of our secure environment.


About Simbla

Simbla is a developing platform designed to make the developing process more efficient and accessible to a broad range of users.

Years of experience in developing cloud-based systems have led the founders of Simbla to create a solution that will serve not only them but the developing community at large. We have created a unique platform that gives you the ability to quickly build and maintain cloud-based software.

Simbla provides its customers with the possibility to reduce the time and resources spent on a project by 60-80%. A significant advantage over the available tools today.

Users who aren’t knowledgeable at developing can reach outstanding results using Drag & Drop without a single line of code.

SaaS software suppliers and developers will find a home in Simbla, one that offers a variety of advanced tools to make development much shorter and maintenance much more efficient and simple.



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