Data table

Simbla's data table web widget allows you to draw whole tables of data from your online database and present them on your page with different styles and editing options.

After placing your widget a window will open with four tabs:

1. Database

2. Columns

3. Filter

4. Data options  

1. Database tab

Under the database tab you will choose the table you would like to draw the data from and select the fields you would like to present in your table.

2. Columns tab

Rename your columns as how you want them to show on your page.

3. Filter

Filter allows you to set a filtering method for your table, you can choose from two options:

1. Use a ready made search form allowing the user to search by his own input - click here to learn how to set up a search form.

2. Filter the data by a set criteria- by filtering by criteria, the table will appear to the user already filtered.

In the next example we will filter our "Cars" table to only present cars with a model year greater than 2015:

Final result 

4. Data options

Data options will allow your users to perform actions on the table that will affect both the database in the background and the presented table on page.

The available actions are :

1. Delete - delete a database record.

2. Edit - Edit a database record.

3. Create - Create a new database record.

In addition, you will be able to choose which columns the users will be able to perform the actions on.

The actions are allowed for all users that meet the tables permissions. For example:

If your table permissions don't allow public users to edit, create and delete records, but do allow members to do so, only members will be able to perform actions while public users will get an error message.