Webmaster tools

From the upper left toolbar click website > webmaster tools

In this screen you can generate data about your website:

  • Site map – A map describing the pages included in your site, and their hierarchy. This mapping helps search engines scan your site faster. Checking this field will generate an xml file automatically.
  • Google Analytics Code – You can view traffic data, search statistics, etc. via Google's interface. Here you can embed your website code received from Google.
  • Custom Header – Add HTML code to the top of the page.
  • Favicon – Add an icon that will appear on the top bar of the web browser when one of your webpages is opened.

For example:

  • 301 Redirects: These are redirects performed for SEO: redirecting one URL to another. You can use 301 redirects when moving from an old website to a new address, when it is impossible to save the URL of the old pages. These redirects help search engines to identify unavailable / invalid pages and replace them with the correct page in your Simbla's website.

 * In order to create the redirect, you must enter the source and destination addresses.