Rest Update object

Updating an object is actually saving over the old object.

To change an object, send a PUT request to the object URL. 

In the following example we will change the "car_year" of the Car with the id - kEG7VgTLul

In the Header we will add 3 parameters:

1. X-Parse-Application-Id: your application Id

2. X-Parse-Session-Token: your session token (You can use an API-K  X-PARSE-API-KEY instead)

3. Content-Type: application/json 

In the body we will pass the JSON-encoded data.

Keys that are not specified will not change.

The response body we will get:


    "updatedAt": "2021-03-14T04:16:55.299Z",

    "objectId": "kEG7VgTLul"


Now we can go to the Database and check the record that we've changed.


We can use a numeric field as a counter using the following JSON:

"car_year": {"__op":"Increment", "amount":"1"}             

Updating a pointer

In our example we will add a pointer called "car_color" pointing to "Colors" table.  

To update a pointer we need to pass the pointer in the following JSON:

"car_year": "2025","car_color": {"__type":"Pointer", "className":"Colors", "objectId":"zLs0Fsu7vT"}