Creating a database - how to create an online database?

Before you start building your cloud CRM or your database-driven website, you would need to create a database that will contain all of your data and permissions. The next guide will show you how to create an online database for your website or for your application, set up your tables, set your permissions, and how to control your future users.  

Simbla's online database  is based on Parse server's platform, wherefore you will enjoy all that Parse offers and lots more.

how to create a database for a website or for your application?

You can create your new database from two different areas:

1. The database control panel.

2. The page you are working on.

1. Database control panal

In order to create your new online database, go to your database control panel and click on “Create new database”.

Next, you will name your database and it will appear in your databases list.

For the next example and throughout the guide, we are going to use a database that includes a "user" table and a "car" table.

Clicking on a database from your list will open your new work area:

In the top toolbar you will find three tabs:

1. Users – View, create and edit all of your users. In the user tab you will be able to change each user’s permission separately and set  his roles.

2. Roles – Roles allow you to set groups of permission that can be given to users and tables, for example: site admins, editors, users, etc. In the roles tab you will be able to create and manage your roles and set their permissions.

3. Tables – Tables tab will take you to where you will control all of your database tables. Here you will be able to create, edit and delete tables and set permissions and roles to all of them separately.

2.  Create or Connect a database from your page

While editing you page in the website editor you can simply create and connect it to a database.

From the top left bar click on the database icon and select your database from the list that will open.

If you wish to create a new database you can do so from this window, once your new database is set, click on "go to database" to start editing it.