Web application documentation 

Learn how to create and manage web applications in an online database environment 


How to Connect an Application

The following guide will explain how to connect an application to your website. Connecting an application will gain you access to the app and to its management pages. In order to apply the application’s features to your website, please go to that specific application’s guide.


Before you get started, please create a website using one of our templates or through the Website Wizard. At any stage of the process of connecting an application, you can go back and continue editing your site.

In order to add an application, please enter your website and click on the top left application icon:

Click on “+ Add new application”:

Select one of the web applications out of the list:

If this is the first application you are adding to the site, you will need to set an admin password to enter the application management page. Setting a password will allow you to enter the applications directly, without needing to access Simbla’s system. The password is set once, and will be used for all applications.

You have successfully added your application! You can click on the application to go to its management page and start adding your data.

You can access the application from your website at any time. Click on the application icon and choose the app you wish to enter: 

In the window that pops up, please enter your email and password you have set while creating your first application.

Now you can go on the the next guide explaining how to use the applications.