Create, edit and manage your blog’s content in an intuitive interface. Completely control the appearance of your posts, and connect them to your website with ease.  


About Simbla's Blog

Have you always wanted to start a blog but didn’t have the time to invest in setting it up? Do you want to inform your customers about the latest developments in your company? Have a penchant for cats you’d like to share, or traveled to some offbeat destination and want to include friends and family in your experience? A blog is the place on your website where you can write entries (“posts”) that relate experiences, news, and articles in a simple and quick manner. Simbla’s Blog Creator has three main components: A management system, the home page consisting of a menu for posts, and the post page itself, where the content of each post is displayed.

Blog Features

Easy to establish and manage

SEO friendly

Complete flexibility- you can easily change the structure and design of the blog

Integrative part of Simbla’s drag and drop system and website

Fully responsive

About Simbla

Simbla is a developing platform designed to make the developing process more efficient and accessible to a broad range of users.

Years of experience in developing cloud-based systems have led the founders of Simbla to create a solution that will serve not only them but the developing community at large. We have created a unique platform that gives you the ability to quickly build and maintain cloud-based software.

Simbla provides its customers with the possibility to reduce the time and resources spent on a project by 60-80%. A significant advantage over the available tools today.

Users who aren’t knowledgeable at developing can reach outstanding results using Drag & Drop without a single line of code.

SaaS software suppliers and developers will find a home in Simbla, one that offers a variety of advanced tools to make development much shorter and maintenance much more efficient and simple.



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