Top 5 Responsive Website Templates

Responsive website template is the ‘in’ nowadays. However, it may be a challenge to find the best one in the online market. Website templates are designed to provide you an instant web design. They usually perform the entire task for users; provided that you have chosen the right one. In a nutshell, here are responsive web site templates for your blog: 
Super Skeleton
When you want something more than a template, Super Skeleton is the right one for you. It comes with a HTML framework that is very easy to follow. It also features selection of notable scripts as well as CSS structures integrated together into a tool that could assist you finish your next task. It is a premium package that renders twenty HTML website templates, including multiple skins, UI kit font stacks, a PSD and many more. If you are looking for an incredible platform to launch your site that is geared with a responsive layout, you can opt for this responsive website template.
Responsive twenty ten
It is a web template that is driven by a Word Press theme. It comes with lots of incredible features such as flexible graphics. Not only that, you will also find this template as the best one for start-up blog as it comes along with free price. With this template, you are able to download web contents, utilize and modify whatever your heart desires.
This responsive template is commendable for its flexibility. It comes with numerous features and wide range of options that every website user would surely love. This makes the bootstrap theme the perfect option for large business entity as well as personal blogs. It is driven by 105+ HTML files that come along with distinctive add-ons.
This is one of the basic responsive website templates as well as it is free. Aside from that, it also includes comprehensive tutorials particularly about responsive website design. If you want to know how a simple template maximize its efficiency for your websites with no hypes included, this is perfect platform for you.
White board Framework
White board Framework adheres to WordPress. As such, this template is intended to power up the efficiency of the development of WP theme. This is made possible by sparing the user from the hassle of time required on codes which is a natural event for the themes of WordPress. It is driven by no-intrusive code scheme that will boost the performance of the theme at large. This response website template can generate lots of benefits such as functionality, speed and SEO for that matter. It is powered by HTML5 together with CSS3 in order to lead you to an undisputed stepping stone in coming up with a responsive theme.
In spite of the endless section of responsive website templates in the online market, you should always be on the lookout for the trending elements. Since you want to get the best responsive website template, you can narrow down your options by considering the templates given.