Pros and Cons of Web Application Builder vs. Freelance Developer

Building web application could be an exciting task to consider. However, there are also numbers of things to bear in mind once building a web application. Most business owners would want to create web app that might go viral and would bring them the attention as well as acclaim. However, there are some business owners who would simply want of building something that is function that they could offer to the customers. And with that, they are more likely to consider web application builder site to help them with regards to the matter.
Here are some of the advantages that you might get out of considering web application builder sites:
•    High on the user-friendly scale. Proponents of app builder sites consider ease of use as one of their major selling points. However, simplicity might not always be the best way once you aim to create great impact or an application that is highly usable.
•    One way communication. There are companies or owners that are nit gifted with art of communication and so working with freelance developer might just be a waste of time compared with web application builder site. If you are a certain business looking for something that is unique then with app builder sites you might be limited with the things that you only see.
•    Quick time to market. With the use of web application builder program, you might be capable of determining when the project will be completed ensuring shorter time to market as well. This might be handy if your aim is to get something out there the soonest as possible along with usefulness or quality.
On the other hand, here are some of the disadvantages out of considering web application builder sites:
•    Nothing but basics. Once looking for something that is rudimentary and straightforward then web application builder might be of great choice. But if you want to make web application that is both unique and highly usable freelance developer could be best also.
•    ROI. If there is no application that is considered to be unique and highly usable there will also be no return of investment. If you hire a skilled app developer it might increase the chance that the end product might catch on therefore could drive significant higher amount of traffic into the site and so increasing the revenue as well.
•    Limited cross-functionality. If you are to hire freelance developer it will make sure that the app is cross-functional along with highest numbers of mobile devices. Once you limit within the use of web application builder there might as well be of great chance that you are excluding numbers of audience not capable of seeing the web app even on mobile devices.
There are advantages in terms of considering web application builder but there might also be disadvantages associated with it. If you are in doubt, considering freelance developer could also be an option. But with the popularity of web app builder, no doubt that most people would prefer this one over the other.