Icon Editor
Icon editor permits users to edit icon file that is usually an image file through icon extension. This image file contains small images of different colours and sizes. You will just need a program or system that contains icon replacement function. If in case you don’t have this program or system, you will just waste your time because the edited files will not be displayed.
With icon editor you will be given the chance to create your preferred icon. You can use this in various systems like Linux/UNIX, iPhones through PNG format. The program can also be used for Windows as it has the capability to make original icons with different sizes. This can be used on Windows 7 and Window Vista. You can also use this icon in “Leopard” Latest Mac OS as well as in the exciting version of “Snow Leopard” such as Native MacOS icons with various sizes and built in with high quality. The icon editor will enable you to edit and create images through the use of two formats. Here are the two formats:
1. XPM or X pixmap – This format is equipped with multi-color images that include dynamic and static colours. This is an image file format that is commonly used by X Window System. XPM or Xpixmap format is designed in order to create icon pixmaps and to support the transparent pixels.
2. XBM or X bitmap – This format contains two-color images that are limited into a background and foreground color. The colors used are usually white and black icons. XBM X bitmap can be characterized as plain text binary image format that is used for storing icon bitmaps and cursor. This is also used in X GUI.
You can create images by selecting drawing colors and tools and you can use this in your work area. Once you are already in the process of creating images, the icon editor will display the actual size of the icon in two formats. You just have to consider the icon’s two-color version even though you are creating an image to be used in color systems. Icons can be reverted into two colors most especially if the free colors are not enough.

What is Icon Editor Program?
Icon editor program carries ani, icon, xpm, png, gif and jpg image file design and it also holds icon libraries together with Vista png compacted icons. You can also use it if you want to your web pages to look more attractive and more appealing. You can view on bookmarks; address bars and tabs with sign.
This icon editor program contains various features that can be used as support for built-in drop shadow, variable transparency, roll, smoothing, mirror and more. It can also be used as support for the multi-layer metaphors and it has the capability to export and import image formats. The process of editing an icon can be done easily through the icon editor.
Icon editor can create and edit varieties of programs such as Bitmap Images, animated GIFs, export icon into Bitmap image, create icon from the images automatically, support Windows 7 compressed PNG Icons and Window Vista etc.