How to Create a Website without HTML?

Is creating a website with no HTML not easy? Or do you ponder in your mind that you cannot make your own website for the reason that you are not familiar how to do it? Before moving on the steps, let’s first know what an HTML is. This is a Hypertext Markup Language which has a standardized process for tagging various text files in order to attain font, designs, graphic, effects, etc. on World Wide Web pages. Going back to the kind of problem you have, here is the guide that will unleash your fear in making one that is exclusively for you:
• Make a research. You should be familiar with the fundamental things about creating a website say for instance the web hosting, domain, server, etc.
The service of a hosting or web hosting is a kind of service through the use of the internet that will help you and other people to have access on your website by World Wide Web. Web hosts serve as companies that give you a space on your server for your own use and give you an internet connection, usually in data centers.
The domain or a domain name is your identification in the internet and it can be formed through Domain Name System. There is a need for you to choose one and register it to DNS so that you can locate your website all the time.
And for the server, it is responsible for accepting people requests. It can share resources from one person to another. Thus, this is very important for you because you can be able to accept a request from various individuals and share a resource that you have to them.
• Buy a domain name and a package on hosting. You can buy these online where the process is easy; however, you must believe on your intuition before purchasing from a website. There may be some that are not reliable or in short a scam, so you must learn to hear yourself.
• Make a plan about the design for your site. Before creating a website, you must build a plan beforehand because it will be time-consuming once you don’t make it. It is advisable that you have sufficient time on making a plan for your site to avoid inconvenience in the future.
• After planning, you can now begin to design your site by following these things:
 Utilize the hosting company’s site-build. If you have purchased your domain name and web hosting from a particular company, they might provide a site-build software for free. This will help you build your site.
 Utilize another software like WYSIWYG. Looking for this is very easy because there are many that you can find online and the experts recommend Dreamweaver or Web Studio (0.5).
 Utilize a developer (open source). The prestigious programs (open source) that can be used for free are Wordpress, Joomla, etc. these are advisable for a big project.
Therefore, you can make now your own website by using this guide. This will serve as your support all throughout the process.