How to create a website – a beginner’s guide

Creating a website of your own can be easy and quick once you really understand its basics. Hence, one of the easiest ways on having a website of your own is through the use of HTML. Also, in making your layout a lot easier, you can probably use a page editor that may be provided by your own hosting site. Moreover, if you don’t want to be in trouble of placing together a site from scratch, then you can think through signing up a blog to provide you with a lot more of graphics an layout as well.
Creating a website seems to be one of the important thing to be consider nowadays especially for bloggers and even for almost all of the business enthusiasts. With regards to these, several ways on how to have one can now be accessible for the sake of web users that really want to have a website of their own. Listed below are steps on how to create a website, but this time, it is a guide for most of the beginners. You can use these following steps as your guide:
1. Research your own option
If you do really want to have a domain name of your own, one thing that you must need is to pay for that service. However, if you prefer to have it free but without a domain name of your own then it’s highly possible with the use of host such as the geocities. With this, you can have your own site but most probably, it will still mostly represent the name of your host along with your name like “”. Since it is free and if you really want to have it that way, then you can have that anyway.
2. Sign up with the host of your choice
Signing up is just filling up all the necessary and required information and then right after, you can go and set up your account.
3. Learn the HTML basics
All of the HTML codes are mainly consists of commands that are entered in brackets <example>. Entering your command together with backslash placed before it will make the command cancelled. Thus the <b> represents a bold text while the </b> will probably cancel it. For you to become more familiar with its basic, you can browse lots of resources that exist online and use it as your guide.
4. Enter the text
Your own website must have a particular purpose. The min content of it is probably your text that will explain thee visitors of your site about what they can find along with your site.
5. Add some other links
In entering links, it is important for you to have a knowledge and information about the codes. For HTML the code for a link is <a href=""> and the text for a link is </a>.
6. Add Pictures
Hosting your graphics is possible with the use of similar site that host your page. But if not, you can use some service like the PhotoBucket.
That’s all the easy and effective ways on how to create your own website. After doing all those steps, the main thing that you must do now is to maintain your site. A good website primarily requires a constant maintenance. You must update it most often and with the relevant and new information as well.