There’s no pain in creating a website

Creating a website sounds difficult to do, but it is really not. It’s too easy and there’s no need for you to be a techie person or an expert regarding this matter. I believe that creating your own website is the foundation and first step to have a very successful website. I would like to be of help to you by sharing these 3 easy steps on how to create a website
Get a domain name for your website. A domain name will be your address on the web. In choosing or selecting the best domain name for your website, all you have to do is to keep it short, sweet and simple. A short domain name is easier for the people to remember. Keeping it sweet doesn’t mean literally, what I mean is make your name a memorable one and to avoid losing your visitors. A simple domain name is easy for the people to spell. Most importantly, choose a domain name that really reflects or represents your business.
In getting a domain name, you would have to go to a registrar or domain name company that you want to use like the Act Now Domains. Registrars have a search box and all you have to do is type the specific domain name that you want right there in the search box. This search box will then tell you whether that specific domain is available to use or not.
If the domain is available, then pay for it right away. To get the best domain name, you need to be patient and persistent.
Select a web host for your website
A web host is the one that stores the website that you created on their servers and then transmits it directly to the internet so that in time that somebody types in your domain name, your web site will appear immediately.
In choosing the best web host, make sure that they have an excellent support, which means that they are more than ready to help you whenever you need their help or during an emergency when your site went down. To test their availability, try calling their phone number on weekends or even late at night to check if they are really there for a round the clock service.
You can also try sending an email to their support email address and ask some basic or simple questions and see how many hours it would take them to answer you. Non-emergency e-mails like that, an answer after 12 hours is still acceptable but if it takes more than that then you’d better choose another host.
Build your own website
When you actually build your own website, make it simple and pleasing to the eyes. Using a flash introduction is a big NO as well as putting sound or music files and putting many slow-loading graphics on your site. Make your visitors know what is about your site with one glance, and remember that they hate pop-ups. If you are done building it, then upload it now to your web host.
Who says that building a website is a real pain? With these 3 easy steps on how to create a website, building a website is as easy as pie.

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