Learn how to create a website

The people’s way of life has already emerged to a more advanced life with modern technology. With the trend and advent of social media sites and online businesses, many surprises and amazingly changes has happened to us, like the birth of different types of websites. 
Are you a newbie in the business world and you wanted to have your own website but you don’t know how? Here are some easy steps on how to create a website:
1. First, you have to choose a domain name for your website. If you are having a hard in picking a possible name then you can visit a variety of tools where you can actually use to help and guide you. You can check out makewords.com, Nameboy.com, and eBay also.You can possibly determine if the domain that you are going to use is already available as well as if it has a similar name of a site that has not yet been registered.
2. Then, determine the kind of hosting package that you need. It is not hard to determine what you need because there are many web hosting companies that offer different packages that usually fit most of web hosting needs in the industry. Some of these web hosting companies offer free services and there are some that has a low cost of charges like the GoDaddy.com, 1&1 Internet Hosting, HostGator.com, BlueHost.com, DreamHost.com and many more.
3. Make sure that the idea or the content of your website is clear and well defined. In order to do that, it is suggested that it’s better to get a notebook and then sketch out all your ideas and how the pages of your website would look like. The more ideas and designs you make the better.
4. If you don’t have time to make your own template and you want to have it easier, then you can also use a web template. Some of the websites that offer cheap templates are the Freewebtemplates.com and templatesbox.com. Check it out.
5. Decide on what software you are going to use in designing your dream website. Some of the possible software platforms that are available to use in creating and editing your website are the Amaya, NVU www.nvu.com/, and Dreamweaver
6. To generate the page header of your website, it is advisable to use the Adobe Photoshop. There are some websites that can help you in case you are not yet familiar with Photoshop. These sites are very useful in generating the buttons, banner ads, and everything that need. Some of these websites that you can use in creating your advertisement banners for your dream website are freebuttons.com, flashbuttons.com and buttongenerator.com.
7. Don’t forget to get on all the big ones in this field like the Google, MSN, Yahoo!, Ask.com and AOL because their pages will help you in the submission progress. Don’t ever forget to submit to Searchit.com and DMOZ. You can also use Google Adwords and Yahoo in maintaining your budget.
Do not cheat Google by using an AdSense account and don’t steal contents or photos from other websites if you don’t want to be sued. Always keep a back-up copy of your website if something bad went wrong.

About Simbla

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