Creating a website: a big help to business owners

Are you a business owner who wants to increase your sales? Do you think there is still a way of achieving that? Yes there is! We all know that we are already in the 21st century and technology continues to invade us. It is just like viruses that continue to grow. There are many things that technology can give or offer us and one of them is the application of the website. Some use it in a negative way like pornography but you can use it as a way in your business. There are already many business owners who are penchant of making websites or blogs and it is really effective. 
How do others know your business in other parts of the country or even around the world if you do not use a medium like technology? As we can see many products are being advertised on the television or even on the radio because of the same concept.
Since this will be your fist time, do not deem that this is difficult to do. This is very easy. You may find this thing hard at first but this can give you many benefits.
Adapting the modern technology in your business will really help you to grow more and likewise with your employees. So now the question is, how to create a website on your own. For the first timers, you really need this. I will give you some steps on how to create one.
How to build a website?  first, you should register your domain name. It is the so called URL (Universal Resource Locator) it will locate your website once you enter the word. You will enter that on the web browser. It should be short so that you can easily remember because once you forgot it you may not open your website. It should always have .com, .net, .org. this extension should be the last part of your domain name. If ever you already found one you can now proceed to the next step.
The next step that you need to do is to have a web host. This is where your files are stored and this will make your website accessible to all people in the world.
You can just surf the internet for a web hosting. You will also have the chance to choose one that is not costly or very affordable.
This time, you will enter your domain name in a box that has a sentence like this, I need a domain name, and after that you can click it. Third, you will fill out a form about your personal information such as your first, middle, last names, your address, etc. Filling out this form is very easy; it will not crack your brain.
After this, you will now make your website by using the WordPress. This has been used by thousands of websites since 2003. . You can even customize your website through WordPress quickly.
This is how you create your website. It is very easy, right? You may start doing this now and it will help you a lot in advertising your business.