Easier Steps in Creating your Own Website

Are you thinking of creating a website but then hesitate because you don’t have any technical knowledge on programming? Do you still belong to people who think that creating a website can be done only by those professionals? So then, now is the time to change that belief. What you only need is right information and right tools. It’s just a matter of point-and-click. 
The first thing you need to know about Website is this three terms- Domain name, web server and web pages.
What is domain name? It will be the identifier of your website. Your domain name will identify the web server.
What is Web server? It is computers connected to internet which help your website find a location.
What are Web pages? This is the website’s content, which is made up of collected files.
Choose your browser name. It is important since there are millions of existing websites. Your domain name will give you uniqueness. This will help people find you. You can be creative in choosing your domain name but it will be better to choose a domain name that can be easily remembered.
Choose your Web Server. It’s like choosing a place to stay. This needs payments but it varies according to the quality of service.
Choose a content Management System (CMS). It will be the foundation of your website. CMs offer lot of options. In fact, there are also some service providers that offer it for free. Choose those which are user friendly, simple yet powerful. see: how to create a website?
The look of your Website do matter, so choose a web server that can offer you flexibility in design. It will be a matter of personal choice.
Add now the content of your website. It is the most important. If your website is eye catching, but then lacks content, what do you think will happen?
Be creative in making the content of your website, you can also add great graphics.
After you finish the content, the next thing you need to do is to publish your website with your hosting provider.
Test if your website works. You don’t need to post it immediately in a Web server. It will be much better to view it first in a hard drive. It will work exactly with the Web Server. Sometimes problem arise, to avoid this you need to include in your links the domain name. Use in testing your images the page-relative paths. Be sure that the file you are using is up-to-date. Don’t just settle with one test. Test your website in multiple browsers. If the page looks right, then you can now upload it to your web server.
You are now in the process of promoting your website. Promoting your website means you need to use Search engine optimization (SEO). You can also promote your website by advertising, e-mail, or word of mouth.
Maintain your Website. It is to help your site keep going.
Is then creating a website difficult? If you still think so, why don’t try it first?