The art on how to create a website

Are you a techie? Or still trying to be? No need to worry. Creating Website is just easy!  
Technology users are rampant. What are present yesterday might be already gone today. Communication is done with the aid of technology. You can even attend school with just the aid of technology, even businesses uses technology to sell their products. Many individuals are now creating their own websites to be part of the online world and so would not be left behind. You want to join them, aren’t you? These are the tips you can have to create one.
First and foremost, you need to think of a domain name. This is the name you will give your website. To use your preferred domain name, you have to pay an annual fee to a registrar for the permission. It is important that you will name your site using your domain name. It will help your readers find your site easily since most of them search the browser with the name of the site. If it’s different, then your costumers might find another site which means a lost in your part. It is also an advantage if you will use a brand name rather than generic ones because people usually tend to remember them easily. In thinking for domain name, you should avoid asking opinions in a forum whether the domain name is good or not for your specific purpose.
Find a web host. This is a company that has computers connected to internet. They are responsible for letting your page known by many web users and connect to it. It is important that your website has a home, so sign up for an account to your web host. Getting a web host is like renting an apartment or a building for your business. In choosing a web host, check on the method they used in prompting advertisement in your website. Choose those who have enough web space for you. Reliability and speed of access is also an important factor to consider.
If you already have a domain name and web host, it’s time for the design. For beginners, you can use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You get). This editor will allow you to design your page visually without considering the technicality. You can still ask for some guide from those who offers tutorials on Web Design.
Test your website. (This may be done during the web design process). You can test it by using this browser. The latest version includes internet explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Firefox. If you want to check if your web works in other browsers, try to have the validators. There are various free web page validators that you can choose from. They will tell you if there are errors and if it’s the case, it will be hard to determine the problem. You then need to have requisite knowledge.
If everything is settled, you can now submit it to search engines like Google but if you are already linked to other website, you may not submit it to search engines.
You can use these tips, but still, if you need more information, you have to search for more detailed ones.