How to Create a Website for Newbies

The tutorial provided below will teach you on how to create a Website. It is specially designed for the beginners and to amateur as well. It will be taking you on a step by step process up to the whole process starting from the beginning. This easy guide on How to Create a Website will help you have your own website in your less than an hour.  
Step number 1 on How to Create a Website: Get your Own Domain Name
To get your own domain name is the first and the most important thing that you need to do. The domain name will be the name that you want to have in your website. It will be the one that will appear to the top of the search tabs. In order to get your domain name, you will need to pay a fee annually to a registrar for you to have the right to use a domain name.
Step number 2 on How to Create a Website: Sign Up for A Web Host Account
Web Host refers to a company that has a lot of computers that are connected to the internet. When you put your web pages on their computers, the whole people in the world will be able to connect to your website and they can have the ability to view it. You will need to sign up for an account to a web host provider so that your website will have its home. After you successfully signed up with a web hosting account, the next thing that you need to do is to point out your domain to the web host account that you choose to have.
Step number 3 on How to Create a Website: Design Your Website
Once you are already settled with your domain name and your web host, the next thing that you will be doing is to customize and design the website itself. There are a lot of free commercial web editors around the internet that you can have. The important part of designing your website is that it can add visual and aesthetic appeal to those persons who will be going to view your website. They will be interested more to read and drop by on your website if your website has an attractive and organized design.
Step number 4 on How to Create Your Website: Try Your Website
This is the last thing that you need to do in creating your website. You will need to try and test your website so that you will get accustomed on how you will be going to manage the contents and the photos on your website. You also need to double check he security as well as the billing o your website in order for you to avoid problems in the future.
Your website will become noticeable if you will update it from time to time by posting your new blogs. Try these easy steps in order for you to get started.