easy website Builder Explained

simbla is another kind of blog website hosting provider which is owned by Automatic and powered by the open source. It is a free blog hosting for the registered users and it is financially supported through the paid upgrades, advertising as well as the VIP services.
 a site opened to the beta testers last August 8, 2005. Four months after, it was opened to the public last November 21, 2005. It was launched to be as a service intended for invitation. On October 13, 2012, there was an approximately 56 million blogs owned by an individual with the WordPress service.
Registration is not required to comment and read on the blogs that are hosted on the site, except for those persons chosen by the blog owners. The registration means that you are required to own and to post in a web blog. All the original and basic features on the are free to use. However, there are also features that are requiring paid options such as domain mapping, CSS editor, removal and addition of ads, domain registration, video upload, website redirection as well as the storage upgrades.
An estimate of 60 million websites is receiving more than 100 million of page views per day. Every day, there are a million of new comments and articles that are being published in WordPress. Some of the notable clients who use s are BBC, CNN, CBS, Sony and Volkswagen. Readers can see advertisements on the WordPress pages, but sometimes it is rare.
 also have a lot of themes that you can chose from based on the type of blog that you are going to do. You can chose from their featured such as the Verge theme, the Volta theme, the Sketch theme, the Brickyard theme, the clearly theme, the Editor theme, the Holi theme, the eclipse theme, the ZackLive theme, the Spot theme, the Penny theme and a lot more. The most popular theme that they have includes the Twenty thirteen theme, the Twenty twelve theme, the Twenty eleven theme, the Twenty ten theme, the storefront theme, the customizr theme, the Zerif Lite theme, the CoorWay theme, the vantage theme, the evolve theme, the sparking theme, the Sydney themem, the arcade basic theme, the spacious theme and a lot more. The latest themes that they offer today include the Gravida theme, the Longform theme, the Nuovo theme, the Accesspress Mag theme and a lot more.
Always remember that in choosing the kind of theme that you will use for your blog, make sure that the theme looks great and compatible with the content of your blogs before you debuts it on your website. You can also paste links from your other social networking site accounts.  is truly a great website builder that fits perfectly in all your blogging needs. Register now for free and experience the fun, enjoyment, satisfaction and overwhelming feeling that the  can bring you. Consider such things and success is within your reach.