Which One Should You Use: Website Builder or Designer?

For some people, web designer is a great digital toolbox to build a website of their own. With only few efforts and process, you can easily manage everything all in your hands. However, there are some things that a web designer can’t do that a website builder can. But the question still remains if which of these two are best in building a website. Both of them may have various advantages over another and both have different functions and features. But the issue is, which one of these two are better? Which one will you consider?
Website builder Vs. Web Designer
For those people who do not know the trends in web creation, website builders are indeed one of the great catch. In website builder, you do not have to pay or hire a web designer just to make an attractive and functional website. Website builder can give you various options making it easy for you to customize or build a unique site depending on how you want it to be. This tool comes with different templates, therefore making it more manageable to tweak colors & font styles on your website. Templates provides you the freedom to place graphics or other design elements you want for its appearance. No need to spend your time writing codes.
Saves Time
Hiring a web designer sometimes have a drawback. You are not the only client and most likely they have some other customers to attend to. Which means you may need to wait for several days or weeks before making any changes on your website. But if you make use of web builder, you can definitely add changes in just few clicks, therefore saving the time it takes to finish your website.
Budget Friendly
Professional web design may be a good investment especially when you wanted to use the site for your business. However, if you have website builder you can definitely save lot of money to build your site than to pay a web designer. But if you are ready to launch your site with the aid of website builder, then you can use your revenue from your newly made site to pay a web designer if you want an upgrade. If you also want to start making multiple site, web builder can greatly reduce the startup cost and amount of time you take to make a profit.
Drag & Drop Design
 You might not want to spend time writing new code if you want to move something on your site’s pages. That is why is why web builder is great tool for those who want to make frequent changes on their website. If you wanted to move several design elements, you can easily and simply drag it to the new location & drop it into place within just a few minutes.
Compared to we designer, there are many advantages and features that a website builder can offer. Only with just a few clicks and steps, you can easily create your own website in no time.