Website Builder: Going Online or Offline?

A website builder helps people to construct websites without the need of learning how to code. Website builders are designed for smaller website projects. While creating websites became a major concern to those who wanted to create ones but does not have any programming background, this program was made with them in mind. Using this program, people do not need to have any programming or technical skills.
They are made for those who want to start their businesses. They are also meant to help them advertise their products in a convenient way. Some businesses or individual needed to create website for them to share anything with the world and with their customers and clients.
Online versions are those who are run in different servers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. They are intended for online uses.
Advantages of Online builders:
 Can be used anytime as long as there’s an internet connection.
 Quick and easy to use.
 No installation needed.
 Has more possibility to be up-to-date.
 Does not take up space on your computer.
 No software updates needed.
 No experience or programming skills required.
 Lots of website builder options are available online.
 The rights for your website design and content are still yours.
Disadvantages of Online builders:
 Need for an internet connection.
 Requires users to sign-up or register.
Offline on the other hand are those with software packages that are needed to be installed on the computer or laptop. Most of the packages can be downloaded online but can be used offline.
Advantages of Offline builders:
 No need for internet connection.
 You can work in your website anytime and anywhere.
 Website builders are more flexible than online ones.
 The content of your website is still yours as well as your design.
 Free-trial versions are available.
 May allow direct editing of the source code.
 More are usually WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get)
 Need for software update.
 Software installation required.
 Most software doesn’t come together with hosting so you need to find the host compatible with your website.
 Often expensive.
 Software might be out of date.
 Sometimes have to pay for web hosting.
 It may take some time to wait for the installation to be completed.
 Changing to a different website builder program also costs money except if you’re going to use the online version.
 Installing certain software might affect the responsiveness and functionality of your computer.
 Might cost money for software purchasing and software update.
 Some site builder might not be compatible with some hosting services.
People who are not satisfied with the program they are using right now have the capability of changing to a different builder anytime they want. With the help of technology these days, providing services that are beneficial to the people has been made possible. Website builders help you in creating a website that would satisfy your needs.

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