Website Builder Considerations for Small Businesses

What is your web builder requirement?
1. You will not sell products online, therefore online store ability is not needed.
2. You will sell your products online, therefore online store is a must feature.
Minimal Presence: You only need website so people can locate your business brand and contact address in a click. Your location can also be shown in a google map.
Maximal presence: You need website that is capable of creating unlimited page. This can have several categories and sections such as services, products, downloads, testimonials, galleries, portfolio, partners, and many more.
General checklist for DIY website builder
• Do they provide 24/7 customer and technical support?
• Do they ask extra payment for technical support such as changing Name server or site restoration?
• Does the web builder software make use of SEO-friendly URL?
• Do they offer in-house SEO services? Will your site be able to place on local search?
• How many templates are available and what are your options if you like to have custom designed template?
• How much is the bandwidth usage and data storage for the offered package? Will it meet your business need? How about the service flexibility? Can you upgrade features in case of business growth?
• Check the branded email adds of your business, and the number of email adds you are allowed to have.
Tips on creating effective website for small business
Key elements. The scale of your business should not be the reason on compromising web builder’s key element and features. As much as possible integrate the use of audio and video in interacting with your visitors. Make the best out of this opportunity. Treat this as your medium to teach people about certain things and share any information that can be useful for them.
Design. You might be tempted to settle with inexpensive site design templates due to your minimum budget. This is often the mistake business owners commit. Don’t settle for less, less expensive might also mean low quality. Take note that professional design will create great difference on your business image. Choose only the top quality layout and design.
Content. The content of your website is an utmost consideration. Meaningful, fresh and useful content will attract more visitor. Don’t just overlook this factor while designing your website. Right content will attract more and more readers that can lead on web traffic. SEO also love content that are high quality, this then can be rewarding for your business.
Innovations. To endure in the competition, you should know how to make effective innovation in your website. Nowadays, web visitors want a more personal connections. One way to effectively reach out with your visitors is through the use of blogs. Blogs can boost SEO ranking, adding fresh and meaningful blogs will surely attract visitors.
Widgets. Include a provision about collecting your visitor’s email address in the web design. Your visitors won’t probably buy from the first visit. Establishing contact with prospective clients can help on convincing them buy your product.