How to Make a Website

Dreaming of having your own website and be noticed by many people around the whole wide world? Nobody is stopping you to do that and if you are having a hard time creating your own website, worry no more because it is just as easy as ABC. In creating your own website you don’t need to spend much money and time. Just follow the essential steps on how to create a website below and then you are up for building the website that can define and reflect you:
1. Forget about your worries, get your domain name
This is the first thing that you should do. The domain name would be the name of your website and to get it, you will have to pay an annual fee to the authorized registrar to have all the right to use the domain name of your choice.
2. Choose the right web host and then sign-up for your future account
A web host is a company that owns many computers that are all connected to the internet. When you choose to place your web pages on their computers, it is guaranteed that all people in the world can see your web pages, no more and no less. In case that you have already decided to choose the web host that you think is the bets, it’s time for you to sign up and create an account that will be your website’s home. After you have set your account you have to point your domain on the web host.
3. Design your web pages
If you are already done in settling your domain name and your web host, be creative in designing your web pages and your web site. If you believe that there are no creative cells in your genes then you can opt to hire a web designer.
4. Test your website
While designing the web pages test the pages in the major web browsers like chrome, Firefox and safari. Getting them is not hard because these browsers are free of charge. Validate the code of your website to have more chances that your site will work in the future versions of all the available web browsers.
5. Collect credit card information and make money
Collect credit card information if you are rendering services or selling products. You will also need the help of web advertisers that can your website get noticed by the public.
6. Get your site be noticed by everybody
When you are already done in building your website and already satisfied with your web pages and design, submit it now to search engines like the Bing and Google. Promote it also in other ways like making advertisements in the press release, magazines and newspaper which will make it a word of the mouth. There are some website companies that can help you get noticed by blogs and news sites. They can absolutely put your advertisement on the top of searches.
By just following the 6 steps in the guide above, you can have the website that you have dreamed before in no time. You don’t need to be a techie person to follow those simple steps. What are you waiting for? Follow the steps on how to create a website and start creating your own site now

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