How to Create your own Website

Is it really possible to create a website even if you don’t have any web-design experiences? Yes, it is! Instead of hiring a web designer that will charge you 500-600 dollars in making a website, try doing it by yourself and that would only cost you less than 60 dollars. Mind you, the web hosting for a year is already included in that 60 dollars. So why would you prefer a designer to make a website if you can also build it yourself with less expenses?
Maybe the reason why is that you don’t where and how to begin it, shake off all those worries because the answer is here. You re so lucky that you have stumbled on this page because this is the right page that will tell you the step by step process in creating a website.
How to create a website:
1. Choose and get your domain name
Choose and then register the domain name which you think is related to your topic, business or niche. The domain name will be your website’s address that your visitors and search engines will use to find your site.
In thinking of the domain name, include the primary keywords in it and choose the registrar that has already stood the tests of time.
2. Choose the web hosting company
The web host will be the one to host all the files that you are going to create. Be careful in selecting a web host because, just like the products in the market, some will satisfy you while some will just turn your money into waste. A good web hosting company has already proven their quality services and has the installation logo of WordPress in the web host’s control panel.
3. Install WordPress
Start building now that you have already settled your domain name and your web host. The WordPress will help you build blogs and sites. With WordPress, you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to themes. The theme will be the overall look and background of your site. All you have to do is decide on what theme to choose, install and activate it then voila! It is already live on the web.
After that, start adding your website’s content, videos, images, pages and posts and then all of them can be seen by many internet users. You can also choose from a thousand of free plugins in WordPress such as slide shows, social media buttons, contact forms and many more. It is just so easy and quick to make blogs and sites by just using the WordPress.
4. Make sure that your website is SEO friendly
Search engines love the WordPress which means that if you use it, your site or blog has a strong foundation. The rest that you can do to be on top of search engines is to create a good, high quality and unique content that will certainly get a lot of visitors.
With our step by step process on how to create a website, we hope that you are now ready to create your own site. Enjoy and be on top soon after creating your website.

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